Looking Up – Linda crast

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Looking Up – Linda crast  

‘Looking Up’ is not only (or not necessarily) an artistic theme

The artist intends to share with the public a simple invitation to abandon stereotypes or categories. Stop worrying! Leave your Fear at the threshold.

These works represent a departure from Convention (the mould): The large canvasses allow the artist a full and totally free expression. These paintings are literally the mirror of her character or soul; restless, inquisitive, reflective and totally original. She paints directly from her Feelings and Emotions … without mediation, interpretation or didactic intent.

Born in Denmark and raised in Italy, Linda Crast is an artist based in  Greece. After artistic studies in Turin and different work experiences  in old buildings restoration as churches, circumstances brought her to  Crete, where she currently lives with her family. The Island, the  nature, the light and the colors are fonts of her inner inspiration. In 2019 she founded the “ΑΤΕΛΙΕ”, an association that promote artistic and cultural events.

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